In Frisco, Texas, our recent project has completely revitalized an ordinary residence with a comprehensive exterior makeover. The house now boasts a fresh exterior with a new coat of paint and enhanced shingles, exuding elegance and durability. As you step into the backyard, you'll discover an expansive outdoor haven, featuring a well-appointed covered area. This multifunctional space includes an outdoor seating area with a welcoming fireplace, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with premium materials from Werever Cabinetry, a charming dining area, and a relaxing lounge area with a double-sided fireplace and electric heaters. But it's not just about comfort; the outdoor oasis also offers recreation with a stunning pool remodel and inviting artificial turf, including a professionally designed putting green. This project redefines outdoor living, creating a versatile and inviting space that complements the Texan lifestyle, offering an escape, a retreat, and a canvas for cherished memories.

Complete Outdoor Remodel in Frisco

Frisco Modern Outdoor Living

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project features

pool/deck remodel

In the Frisco, TX remodel, we revamped the pool and deck area by replacing outdated concrete with Belgard Dimension pavers, complemented by a charcoal Holland Stone border for a modern touch. The former flagstone coping gave way to sophisticated Grey Lueders coping, elevating both aesthetics and durability. This meticulous transformation ensures a stylish and resilient foundation, creating an inviting space for relaxation and recreation.

For this project we removed all existing concrete and flagstone coping and replaced with a belgard paver and a grey leuders coping.


In the Frisco, TX remodel, the patio cover emerged as a highlight, adding nearly 1000 square feet of inviting space. This expansive area encompasses two distinct seating zones—one positioned in front of a double-sided fireplace for cozy gatherings and another adjoining the pool, creating a perfect lounge spot. The outdoor kitchen and bar area are seamlessly integrated, catering to culinary desires, while an additional versatile space provides the perfect setting for lounging or playing games. This thoughtfully designed patio cover enhances both functionality and aesthetics, offering a versatile outdoor haven for various activities and socializing.

This project consisted of 1000SF of new patio cover addition with a kitchen/bar area, dining area, seating area in front of the fireplace, and an outdoor entertainment area


In the Frisco, TX remodel, we introduced a captivating double-sided fireplace, creating a focal point that offers enjoyment whether you're under the covered area by the TV or practicing on the artificial turf putting green. This versatile feature not only adds ambiance but also extends functionality. To ensure comfort on cooler days, we integrated Bromic heaters, effectively heating the space and allowing year-round enjoyment of the outdoor oasis. It's a seamless blend of warmth and style, enhancing the overall experience of this thoughtfully designed outdoor haven.

This project features a double sided fireplace along with bromic heaters to keep you warm on chilly nights.


At the heart of the Frisco, TX remodel, our outdoor kitchen vies with the fireplace for the project's focal point. This meticulously crafted kitchen boasts outdoor cabinetry from our esteemed partners at Werever Cabinetry, known for its exceptional durability, easy maintenance, and functional design that maximizes utility. It stands apart from traditional stone-wrapped kitchens, offering a sleek and practical alternative. The space also features a welcoming sitting bar—ideal for poolside lounging or catching a game on the TV subtly integrated into the veneered brick-wrapped vent hood. This outdoor kitchen serves as both a culinary hub and a social centerpiece, combining style and functionality seamlessly in this outdoor oasis.

This outdoor kitchen features Werever custom cabinetry, a grill, ice maker, fridge, venthood, and bar seating.



In our Frisco, TX remodel, we transformed the landscape by replacing traditional grass with artificial turf, offering a pristine aesthetic and significantly reducing maintenance demands. The artificial turf extends into a carefully designed putting green discreetly tucked behind the double-sided fireplace. This innovative feature not only provides a perfect spot for honing your putting skills but also offers a cozy retreat where you can gather with friends, stay warm, and enjoy the outdoors even on colder days. It's a harmonious blend of low-maintenance elegance and recreational enjoyment, contributing to the overall appeal of this outdoor haven.

We made this yard maintenance free by removing all grass and replacing it with artificial turf and a putting green.


In the comprehensive Frisco, TX remodel, we revitalized the entire exterior with a series of transformative features. The house underwent a facelift with new siding, painted in a crisp white hue, creating a fresh and timeless appeal. The roof was completely re-done, ensuring both durability and a polished aesthetic. Inside, a touch of elegance was added with the installation of a tongue and groove ceiling, complemented by accent beams for a refined finish. To enhance both privacy and aesthetics, a new cedar fence, along with matching gates, was installed, completing the overall look and feel of this meticulously redesigned outdoor space. Together, these features contribute to a harmonious blend of style, durability, and functionality, redefining the charm and character of this Frisco residence.

In addition to the backyard transformation, we also replaced all of the siding, re-roofed the house, and painted all of the brick and siding.

the design

Below you can step into the design vision that helped shape the project. At Terrace Outdoor Design, we're firm believers that every customer should have the chance to visualize their project before making any commitments

Let your outdoor living area become your favorite space to share glass of wine on the patio, unwind by the poolside, or entertain family and friends all year long.


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